My Projects


I created a website for 406 Squadron of the Australian Air Force Cadets. The website includes a secure members area, class management, and a blog. The website is written in PHP with Bootstrap 4 and jQuery with a MySQL Database.

Mars Images

I created a searchable database of over 1000 images from the Mars Curiosity Rover in HTML, Bootstrap 4 and jQuery, then rewrote it in Next.js, Node, and React here.

Infinite Flight Discord Bot

To learn TypeScript, I made a simple Discord Bot to integrate with Infinte Flight. Behind the scenes, it uses discord.js.


I made a simple GUI for Infinite Flight Navigation Editing that grabs most navigation data directly from the airports files. It is made in C# using WinForms.


I created VANet, a platform for Flight Simulator Virtual Airlines, in ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework Core and Bootstrap 4 backed by MySQL.


I helped create Flare, an internal system for Flight Simulator Virtual Airlines using PHP, Bootstrap 4, and jQuery and using MySQL for the database.

Chill Out & Look About

In response to the passing of a classmate in a road accident, I helped found Chill Out & Look About, a road safety campaign targeting pedestrians and learner drivers. I built the website using Wordpress and Elementor.

The latest and greatest of my projects. I created this website to experiment with CSS and showcase my work and skills. It is made in Typescript using Next.js and React, and has a bunch of cool CSS/JS tricks up it's sleeve.